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Allow Rep Edits: Form U4 in FinPro

Firms can grant you access to view and modify a draft Form U4 by enabling the Allow Rep Edits feature within the draft filing. What’s more, this feature now offers more collaborative flexibility, including simultaneous access for you and your firm. Learn more on the page below about using Allow Rep Edits in FinPro.

Pending U4s Created in Classic CRD Were Invalidated April 5. Allow Rep Edits Is Now Available Exclusively in FinPro.

Effective April 5, 2021, the Anonymous CRD Registered Representative site, which required a reference code to access a draft Form U4, was retired in tandem with Classic CRD Form U4 filing functionality. All pending drafts initiated in Classic CRD that were not submitted on or before April 4 have been invalidated. Please contact your firm with questions about a Form U4 submission.

On This Page

What is Allow Rep Edits?

The Allow Rep Edits feature permits you and your firm to work together to fill out a draft Form U4. Your firm must grant you access by enabling the feature within a draft Form U4. FinPro and the Allow Rep Edits feature do not allow you to initiate or submit a filing to regulators.

You and your firm can now work simultaneously on a pending Form U4 thanks to the enhanced Form U4 filing experience in FinPro and FINRA Gateway. This shared access continues even after notifying the firm that the draft is ready for their review. Follow the detailed instructions below to retrieve, review and return a draft Form U4.

Accessing FinPro

FinPro users must create credentials and verify their identity to access the system. If you have previously created your own account to self-enroll in the SIE or access other FINRA systems (i.e., an account that is not associated with a firm), you can use these same credentials for your FinPro account.

Do not use Internet Explorer (IE) to log in to FinPro. Please use a FinPro-supported web browser.

Retrieving & Updating Form U4

If a firm has enabled the Allow Rep Edits feature within a draft Form U4, a yellow banner will display in FinPro's Reminders section with a link to the filing.

Form U4 in FinPro: Allow Rep Edits - landing page

After clicking the Open Filing link, the draft Form U4 will open in Data Entry View within a new tab or window. You will only have access to view and update the form according to the access granted by the firm. Use the links on the left-hand side of the screen, as well as the Save, Next and Back buttons at the bottom-right, to navigate and update the form.

The Data Entry View was developed to streamline form updates; section names and information order differs slightly from the official Form U4 layout and flow, which you will have a chance to review in the Form View.  

Form U4 in FinPro: Allow Rep Edits - Form U4

After updating the form, you can notify the firm that it is ready for their review by returning the form to the firm.

Returning Form U4 to the Firm

When you are finished editing Form U4, select the Summary option on the left-hand side. On the following screen, select the Review Form button to perform a final review in Form View and return to your firm.

Form U4 in FinPro: Allow Rep Edits - Review Form

The section names and information order in Form View align with the official format of the form as it will appear upon submission to regulators and in your filing history.

orm U4 in FinPro: Allow Rep Edits - Form View Return to Firm

While in Form View, you can print out or save a pdf copy of the form as well as compare the draft to the last previously-submitted Form U4 (if there is one on file).

When you are finished reviewing, comparing and printing the draft, select the Return to Firm button in the bottom-right. A confirmation message will appear at the top of the page. 

Form U4 in FinPro: Allow Rep Edits - Form View Successfully Returned to Firm

What's Next?

Returning the filing will change the status of the draft in the firm’s system, so they will know that you have finished editing and reviewing the Form U4. You will still be able to review and edit the draft filing in FinPro until the firm disables the Allow Rep Edits feature or submits the U4 to the regulator.

You should follow your firm’s instructions about next steps after finishing Form U4. After your firm submits the filing, your information will update in FinPro immediately. Certain Form U4 information will also be reported through BrokerCheck and/or IAPD; however, changes will not occur until you have at least one approved registration.

As an onboarding, current or former registered professional, you are obligated to update and/or report certain information in a timely fashion to regulators. See the When Must a Form U4 Be Updated? section of the Form U4 page for more information and resources.