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Tick Size Pilot Change List – Test Group Migration

As securities move from the Control Group into the appropriate Test Group per the schedule provided in the Tick Size Pilot Program Implementation Plan, the Tick Size Pilot Change List will provide two change records for that event.

One record will show the deletion of the security from the Control Group, and the other will show the addition of the security to the Test Group, as indicated in the following example:

Field Delete Record Add Record
Posting Date 20161010 20161010
Security Name Test Security Test Security
Listing Exchange N N
Effective Date 20160906 20161010
Deleted Date 20161010  
Tick Size Pilot Program Group C G1
Old Tick Size Pilot Program Group   C
Reason for Change R R

Firms can also consult the Tick Size Pilot Securities File for the trading date to identify the Tick Size Pilot Program Group effective for that date. FINRA consolidates the Securities Files published by the exchanges into a single Tick Size Pilot Securities file each trading day, and provides the effective date of the file in the file trailer.