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Tick Size Pilot Firm Review Files

As prescribed in FINRA Rule 6191, FINRA will use additional Tick Size information included on each Trading Center’s OATS reports to create the calculations required by Appendix B.I and B.II of the Tick Size Pilot Plan for Trading Centers that FINRA is the Designated Examining Authority (DEA). Beginning July 25, 2016, FINRA will make the Tick Size Appendix B.I and B.II calculations for each individual Trading Center available for review by firms for the months of April and May 2016. These are the statistics that will be provided by FINRA with attribution to each individual Trading Center to the SEC and published without attribution to individual Trading Centers on FINRA’s website in November 2016. The June and July statistics will be provided to the SEC on August 30, 2016.

Tick Size Pilot Firm Review files will be available via the FINRA Automated Data Delivery System (ADDS). Firms may manually download their monthly data via the FINRA ADDS website, or can elect to retrieve the data via SFTP. Both web and SFTP access are available to firms free of charge.

FINRA ADDS website

Effective Monday, June 27th, Super Account Administrators at firms that have OATS access will automatically be given Administrator rights to the new “Tick Size Firm Review” privilege. A firm’s Super Account Administrator may then give one or more users access to the “Tick Size Firm Review” privilege to request and download Tick Size Pilot Firm Review files on demand at:

Please note: until the Tick Size Firm Review files are published, users with this privilege will not be able to submit any data requests. Publication is currently expected in mid-July.

SFTP Access

Firms retrieving the data via a machine-to-machine process can submit an FTP File Transfer Application to request access to ADDS Tick Size Pilot Firm Review SFTP privilege. To obtain a copy of the form to request SFTP access, please contact the FINRA Gateway Call Center at 301-869-6699 on or after Monday, June 27th.

Additionally, in order to be included in FINRA’s firewall, any firm that requests SFTP access must also send their gateway IP address to data delivery.

Please note: FTP users will not retrieve any Tick Size Firm Review data until the files are published. Publication is currently expected in mid-July.

For more information about FINRA ADDS, please see the User Guide .

Questions about getting access to the files should be sent to data delivery. Questions regarding the content of the files should be directed to the Tick Size Pilot Program email.