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Tick Size Pilot Quoting and Trading Requirements to End at Close of Trading on September 28, 2018

The SEC granted an exemption to permit Tick Size Pilot Plan Participants to end the quoting and trading requirements of the Tick Size Pilot Program at the close of trading on September 28, 2018, instead of the previously scheduled October 2, 2018. On the evening of September 28, 2018, NYSE, NYSE American and Nasdaq will publish a tick size pilot security list and a tick size pilot change list, moving all primary listed symbols to the control groups on their respective markets. FINRA will continue to consolidate exchange information into a daily list available on the FINRA website. 

As of October 1, 2018, all securities in Tick Size Pilot Test Groups will open in the Control Group. At that time, tick size pilot securities will no longer be subject to the quoting and trading requirements of the Tick Size Pilot Program. However, all tick size pilot securities will remain subject to the Tick Size Pilot Program’s data collection requirements until March 29, 2019, and the Plan Participants will continue to publish tick size pilot statistics until then. The primary markets will continue to publish Appendix A information, which tracks mergers and acquisitions and listings transfers, until March 29, 2019.