FINRA Arbitrators

FINRA arbitrators—neutral, qualified individuals who are essential in maintaining a fair, impartial and efficient system of arbitration—serve as decision makers, weighing the facts of each case presented. Arbitrators hear all sides of the dispute, study the evidence and then render a final and binding decision.

FINRA maintains a roster of more than 7,000 arbitrators. FINRA has two classifications of arbitrators: public and non-public. Public arbitrators are select individuals who are not required to have knowledge of the securities industry. Non-public arbitrators are individuals who have worked in the financial industry, or provide services to financial industry clients or to parties engaged in securities arbitration and litigation.

Unless waived by FINRA at its discretion, arbitrator applicants must have a minimum of five years of paid work experience—inside or outside of the securities industry—and at least two years of college-level credits.  We recruit arbitrators to help resolve disputes, from diverse industries including:

  • Accounting;
  • Corporate;
  • Education;
  • Engineering;
  • Financial Services;
  • Government;
  • Healthcare;
  • Legal;
  • Media;
  • Military;
  • Non-Profit Organizations;
  • Public Service;
  • Publishing;
  • Real Estate; and
  • Technology.

Before serving on a case, arbitrators must first successfully complete our Basic Arbitrator Training Program.  Please review the Basic Arbitrator Training page for more information about pre-requisite training requirements before becoming eligible to serve on a case.

Note: FINRA arbitrators and mediators are not FINRA employees, but are independent contractors who serve at the discretion of FINRA. Therefore, they are not eligible to receive FINRA employee or unemployment benefits.