Initiate an Arbitration

Arbitration is a method of resolving a dispute between two or more parties by neutral, qualified individuals, who serve as decision-makers after weighing the facts of each case presented. The decision-makers are called arbitrators. Arbitration of securities disputes against brokerage firms, brokers, or both provides a prompt and inexpensive means of resolving issues. There are certain laws governing the conduct of an arbitration proceeding. The most importantof these is perhaps the fact that an arbitration award is final and binding, subject to review by a court only on a very limited basis. Parties should also recognize that arbitrating their claims precludes them from pursuing the same claims  through the courts.

The arbitration process begins with a party filing a Statement of Claim with FINRA. The party who files the Statement of Claim is called a claimant. The party against whom the Statement of Claim is filed is called the respondent. The Statement of Claim should provide the details of the dispute, including relevant dates, names of entities and individuals involved, and the type of relief requested and the respondents from whom the claimant is seeking relief or damages. The type of relief a claimant may request, includes, but is not limited to, actual monetary damages, interest, and specific performance.

In addition to the Statement of Claim, a claimant must also file a Submission Agreement and pay the appropriate filing fees, either by check or online.

Once the filing requirements are met, FINRA will serve the Statement of Claim on the respondents identified in the Statement of Claim and Submission Agreement. If the filing requirements have not been met, FINRA will notify the claimant of the deficiency, so that the claimant may correct the problem. Once the claimant corrects the deficiency, FINRA will serve the Statement of Claim on the respondents identified in the Statement of Claim and Submission Agreement.

  • To file a claim online, visit the Arbitration Online Claim Filing page.

  • To file a claim by mail, please review the Arbitration Claim Filing Guide. The guide contains detailed information about how to file a claim and contains a Submission Agreement form. Once the Statement of Claim and other supporting documents have been created, please assemble these documents and submit them, along with the appropriate filing fees, to FINRA.  

Customer Code Rules 12302, 12307
Industry Code Rules 13302, 13307