Required Basic Arbitrator Training

After FINRA approves an arbitrator candidate's application, the individual must complete the comprehensive Basic Arbitrator Training Program to become eligible to serve on arbitration cases. The Basic Arbitrator Training Program covers each stage of the arbitration process and reviews the procedures that arbitrators must follow to successfully complete an arbitration case. The Program consists of the following two online courses and must be completed within 120 days:

  1. Basic Arbitrator Training (Part I – 8 hours)
  2. Expungement Training (Part II – 1.5 hours)

After completing the mandatory online trainings, new arbitrators may attend a voluntary orientation. Orientations are held telephonically and give new arbitrators a chance to meet FINRA staff and ask questions about serving on the roster. If you are interested, please review the schedule and register for an orientation session. Arbitrators can submit questions in advance to the following mailbox.

Arbitrator candidates who are approved to join the roster, and who successfully pass the Basic Arbitrator Training Program, become eligible to serve on cases. Please contact Chris Avery at (213) 613-2673 or the department of Neutral Management at (855) 209-1620 with any questions about the training program.