Foundations of Web CRD/IARD Training Sessions

Training Session Registration Fee ($500*) - includes two days of training, a continental breakfast and lunch each day, plus detailed and comprehensive Web CRD and an overview of investment adviser firm training information. Space is limited to 12 seats per session. View the Schedule & How to Register information.

Firms with adequate accommodations can receive two free participant spaces by hosting a training session.

Learn more about hosting Foundations of Web CRD/IARD Training Sessions.

The Foundations of Web CRD/IARD session is beneficial to those who are new to registration and licensing, new to Web CRD and IARD, or those who want to receive refresher training and registration tips. The two days of training offer practical, hands-on, and comprehensive training modules.

This training session is intended for compliance/registration staff of broker-dealers, investment advisers or third-party vendors with entitlement to Web CRD/IARD. If you are neither associated with a broker-dealer or investment adviser firm nor otherwise already entitled to Web CRD/IARD, please contact FINRA at so we can better assess your specific CRD training needs.

Session Topics

  • Introduction
  • Web CRD Overview
  • Account Administration
  • Electronic Forms Overview
  • View Organization and Individual
  • Firm and Individual Queues
  • Firm Notifications
  • Disclosure Navigation
  • Continuing Education
  • Reports
  • Accounting/E-Bill
  • IARD Overview
  • RAD Hot Topics

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Identify and explain the basics of Account Administration
  • Submit form filings via Web CRD
  • Interpret individual and firm records
  • Request and view reports
  • Navigate through disclosure sections
  • Manage information in Firm and Individual Queues
  • Monitor the Continuing Education cycles
  • Explain the Accounting process
  • Request Firm Notifications

*Payment is due upon registration. Registrants are solely responsible for the costs of travel and hotel accommodations. If an individual is not a “Confirmed Registrant” (i.e. you do not receive a Confirmation email), there is no guarantee that you will be able to participate in the class.