FINRA Automated Data Delivery System (FINRA ADDS)

FINRA Automated Data Delivery System® (FINRA ADDS®), formerly FINRA Data Delivery, is a secure website through which firms may request trade journals containing transactions submitted to FINRA TRAQS.

FINRA offers trade journals for TRACE (fixed income) transactions as well as ADF and ORF (listed and over-the-counter equity) transactions.


Request Access to FINRA ADDS web or SFTP services.

FINRA ADDS User Guide - Version 11

FINRA ADDS offers the following types of access:

  • Web Access allows users with the TRACE, ADF or ORF Trade Journals entitlement privilege to request trade journals via the FINRA ADDS website, including their transaction reports and rejects for a particular day, for any dates within the prior 2 years. Firms that clear ORF transactions can give users ORF Clearing Trade Journals access, to enable them to download files for the prior 2 years containing trades on which their firm was named a clearing party. There is no fee for Standard Access.
  • Data Delivery SFTP Access for TRACE, ADF and/or ORF: Firms that enroll in one of the SFTP services can establish an automated interface to retrieve their data via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). FINRA makes the prior days' transaction and reject files available for SFTP retrieval on a daily basis for firms that subscribe to SFTP access.

The SFTP service is fee-based; firms will be assessed a fee per MPID for each product for which that MPID enrolls. Read about fees for the Data Delivery SFTP Service.