Notice to Members 06-07

SEC Approves Amendments to Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program Rule and Adoption of Interpretive Material

Effective Date: March 6, 2006

On December 28, 2005, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved amendments to NASD Rule 3011 and the adoption of IM-3011-1 and IM-3011-2.1 The amendments and new interpretive material require a firm to conduct an independent test of its anti-money laundering (AML) compliance program on an annual basis (with the exception of certain types of firms), clarify the persons not considered to be independent for purposes of the independent testing requirement, and require a firm, on a quarterly basis, to review and, if necessary, update the information regarding the firm's AML compliance person. The new rule text and interpretive material are contained in Attachment A and are effective on March 6, 2006.

Questions concerning this Notice may be directed to Brant K. Brown, Counsel, Office of General Counsel, Regulatory Policy and Oversight, at (202) 728-6927.

1 Exchange Act Rel. No. 53030 (Dec. 28, 2005), 71 FR 632 (Jan. 5, 2006) (SR-NASD-2005-066).