After Your Exam

Receiving Your Results

When you have completed a qualification examination, your unofficial results will be displayed on the computer screen indicating whether you’ve passed or failed the exam. It also presents a score profile that shows your performance based on the major job duties covered by the exam. The percentage required for passing varies by examination.

You’ll receive a printout of the results as you sign out with the exam center administrator. FINRA will post your official results on Web CRD or report it to your regulator within three business days following your exam session.

Your results are final. FINRA will not make any adjustments or special considerations to your score. For security reasons, the exam itself and individual exam questions will not be available for review after the exam.

Waiting Period

If you do not pass a qualifying exam, a waiting period will apply based on FINRA Rule 1070 (e).  Generally, you may take the exam again 30 days after the date of the prior exam. However, if you fail the exam three or more times in succession, you must wait until 180 calendar days have elapsed since the date of your last attempt to pass the exam.

  • Registered with a FINRA member firm? To take an exam again, your firm must re-request the exam for you through Web CRD. Another examination fee will be charged. You will then receive a new 120-day enrollment period to schedule the exam appointment.
  • Not affiliated with a FINRA Member Firm? Non-member applicants must submit a new request and repay the exam fee using the Test Enrollment Services System (TESSTM) to secure a new valid enrollment.


You may contact your firm’s Registration Department to follow up.

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact FINRA’s Gateway Call Center at (301) 590-6500.