Central Registration Depository (Web CRD)

FINRA operates Web CRD®, the central licensing and registration system for the U.S. securities industry and its regulators. The system contains the registration records of more than 3,700 registered broker-dealers, and the qualification, employment and disclosure histories of more than 634,000 active registered individuals.

Web CRD also facilitates the processing and payment of registration-related fees such as form filings, fingerprint submissions, qualification exams and continuing education sessions. Web CRD is a secure system for entitled users only. Firms must complete FINRA’s entitlement process noted below to request access to use Web CRD. 


  • 2018 Renewal Program
    The 2018 Renewal Program Calendar is now available. Preliminary Statements will be posted in E-Bill on Nov. 13, 2017. Renewal reports will continue to be available through Web CRD for reconciliation purposes.
  • 2017 SILA National Education Conference
    View the FINRA panel presentations on Registration and Disclosure, Testing and Continuing Education, and RAD Technology presented at the 2017 SILA National Education Conference, which was held Sept. 23 - 27, 2017, in Orlando, FL.
  • New Web Browser Requirements for Web CRD/IARD: Beginning September 30, 2017, Web CRD/IARD will only support newer versions of web browsers to securely transmit information over the internet. You can check your current web browser at https://whatbrowser.org.  If it does not meet or exceed the minimum browser requirements listed below, you must upgrade your web browser in order to continue accessing Web CRD/IARD on or after September 30.
    • Chrome versions released after 2011 (4 or higher)
    • Firefox versions released after 2011 (4 or higher)
    • Internet Explorer versions released after 2013 (11 or Edge)
    • Safari versions released after 2013 (7 or higher)
  • Web CRD and IARD Release Notes 2017.09
    View an explanation of changes to Web CRD and IARD implemented with Release 2017.09 on September 30, 2017.
  • FINRA Web CRD Training Offerings
    Information is now available for upcoming 2017 Registration and Disclosure (RAD) Training Team offerings