Fingerprint Card Fees

Effective February 1, 2015, the fingerprint processing fees will change from $29.50 to $27.75 for electronic submissions, and from $44.50 to $42.75 for hard copy (paper card) submissions. Below is additional information related to fingerprint processing fees:

  • The FBI fingerprint processing fee is assessed to firms when the FBI returns a result (i.e., disposition). Note: The FBI does not charge its fee on a second fingerprint transaction when it identifies the first set of fingerprints as illegible for a particular individual.
  • Pursuant to Section 4(b)(4) of Schedule A of the FINRA By-Laws, FINRA charges a fee to process fingerprints submitted by firms and post the results to Web CRD. The FINRA fingerprint processing fee is assessed when FINRA processes:
    • A fingerprint transaction and posts the results to Web CRD; or,
    • A result (e.g., a copy of the Civil Applicant Response Sheet (CARS) and/or Criminal History Record Information(CHRI) processed through another self-regulatory organization) submitted by a firm and posts the FBI result to Web CRD. Note: The fee for this type of fingerprint transaction is $30.00
  • All fingerprint processing fees are available in the firm queues, reports, and accounting sections of Web CRD. The Account Activity Report and Firm Accounting Download include Billing Codes to assist firms in tracking fingerprint processing fees.