FINRA Entitlement Program Announcements

FINRA Entitlement Certification Process Begins April 22, 2019

FINRA's 2019 Annual Entitlement User Accounts Certification period begins on April 22, 2019, and ends June 21, 2019. During this period, Super Account Administrators (SAAs) for firms with more than one user must certify that users at their firm who require access to applications in FINRA’s Entitlement Program have only the entitlement privileges required to perform their job responsibilities and to delete accounts for users who no longer require access. Additional information is available on the following pages:

New CRD Entitlements Became Available June 30, 2018

On Saturday, June 30, 2018, FINRA systematically entitled broker-dealer users and administrators with the first set of features released in the new CRD system. Learn more about the new My CRD family of entitlement privileges, how the privileges will interact with the existing CRD (now referred to as “classic CRD”), and who is eligible for systematic entitlement on the New CRD Entitlement page.

Super Account Administrator (SAA) Forms

New Organization Super Account Administrator (SAA) & FINRA Entitlement Agreement (FEA) Forms must be used when a new organization is first requesting FINRA Entitlement and needs to designate its SAA. This form is available on the FINRA website. Investment Adviser firms that already have access to the FINRA Entitlement Program and have yet to file their initial ADV  must complete the New Organization SAA Form to replace their SAA.

The Update/Replace Super Account Administrator (SAA) & FINRA Entitlement Agreement (FEA) Forms must be used to replace an SAA or update information, such as the name or email address of the current SAA. An Authorized Signatory from your organization needs to request the Update/Replace SAA Form by contacting the Gateway Call Center at (301) 869-6699 or (301) 590-6500. The form will be sent to that Authorized Signatory's contact information on file with FINRA.

Signatory Requirements and Special Circumstances for SAA Forms

The New Organization SAA Forms and the Update/Replace SAA Forms have specific instructions and signature requirements which must be met for processing. The forms must be signed by an Authorized Signatory and may not be self-signed unless specific requirements are met as indicated on the forms.