OATS Technical Specifications

The OATS Reporting Technical Specifications document covers the requirements and procedures for clock synchronization; system access requirements for supplying OATS files to FINRA; order reporting scenarios that describe, from a business perspective, responsibilities for reporting to OATS; details regarding the required layout of OATS files; procedures for providing corrections to OATS data and for receiving feedback from FINRA; and the procedures for registration, self-administration, and testing and certification. It also contains a data dictionary that describes all of the data elements in OATS files; a list of report formats, including field names, data types, and lists of permissible values; examples of order reports; and a glossary. The OATS Reporting Technical Specifications is not intended to provide information about how to develop an electronic system that reports order information; it is only intended to describe what such a system must deliver to FINRA.

FINRA released a new edition of the OATS Reporting Technical Specifications dated March 11, 2019.

This edition includes changes related to:

  • The ending of the Tick Size Pilot Program, effective March 30, 2019
  • Onboarding of the NYSE Chicago Exchange for Exchange Route Matching, effective May 27, 2019

The above-mentioned changes will be simultaneously available in the OATS Certificate Test Environment and OATS Production Environments on their respective effective dates.

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