OTCBB Forms & Documentation

  • Form 211 (PDF 58 KB)
    Market Makers must complete this form to initiate or resume quotations on the OTC Bulletin Board™ or any other comparable quotation medium. By completing this form, a market maker is representing that it has satisfied all applicable requirements of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 15c2-11 and the filing and information requirements of FINRA Rule 6432. It is not necessary to file this application if an exemption applies.
  • 15c2-11 Exemption Request Form - "Piggyback Exemption" (PDF 38 KB)
    An exemption from the filing of a Form 211 is available to market makers when they are moving from another quotation medium into the OTCBB. The 5 principle conditions which must be satisfied in order to use this exception are described in the Rule 15c2-11 Exemptions. 
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