Reschedule or Cancel Your Appointment

If you need to reschedule or cancel your qualification exam appointment, you must do so a minimum of 10 business days in advance to avoid any fees. Appointments rescheduled or cancelled within 10 business days will incur the existing fee at the time the appointment is changed.

Remember, FINRA does not have a hardship policy if you’re unable to take an exam. If you miss your enrollment period for any reason, the cost of the exam will not be refunded or applied to another examination.

Inclement Weather Policy

If severe weather or a natural disaster makes it difficult or unsafe to travel to the exam center, the exam may be delayed or cancelled.

Visit the Prometric Site Closure page or call (800) 578-6273 for a list of centers closed due to inclement weather.

Reschedule / Cancellation Policy

Cancelling or rescheduling will be considered timely if it is handled according to the cancellation/reschedule timeline below. If a holiday occurs during the normal cancellation period, this schedule adjusts to define “timely cancellation” as one day earlier than stated below.

To avoid late cancel/reschedule fee (within two business days of appointment), the appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled by midnight, Eastern Time (ET) on the day shown in the second column.

To avoid three – 10 business day cancel/reschedule fee, the appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled by midnight, Eastern Time (ET), on the day shown in the third column.

Appointment is scheduled for Within two business days Within 3 – 10 business days
Sunday, Monday Wednesday of the preceding week Sunday two weeks before
Tuesday Thursday of the preceding week Monday two weeks before
Wednesday Sunday of the same week Tuesday two weeks before
Thursday Monday of the same week Wednesday two weeks before
Friday Tuesday of the same week Thursday two weeks before
Saturday Wednesday of the same week Friday two weeks before


Three to 10 Business Day Cancellation/Reschedule Fee:  If you cancel or reschedule an appointment within three to 10 business days of your scheduled appointment, you will be assessed a cancellation/reschedule fee as outlined above. At the time you cancel an appointment, Prometric will collect the fee.

Late Cancellation/Reschedule Fee (Within Two Business Days):  If you reschedule or cancel an appointment within two business days of a scheduled appointment, or fail to show up, you will be assessed a fee equal to the fee of the exam. FINRA will charge this fee to your firm or, if you registered using the Test Enrollment Services System (TESSTM), you will forfeit the pre-paid fee. You then must open a new enrollment window—and pay the associated exam fee—before scheduling a new appointment.

As outlined below, appointments rescheduled or cancelled within 10 business days will incur the existing fee at the time the appointment is changed.

Series Examination Within 2 business days Within 3 - 10 business days
3 National Commodity Futures (CR) $130 $65
4 Registered Options Principal Exam (OP)   $105 $52.50
6 Investment Company Products/Variable Contracts Representative Exam (IR)   $100 $50
7 General Securities Representative Exam (GS)   $305 $152.50
9 General Securities Sales Supervisor - Options (SU)   $80 $40
10 General Securities Sales Supervisor - General (SU)   $125 $62.50
11 Assistant Representative-Order Processing Exam (AR)   $80 $40
14 Compliance Officer Exam (NYSE-CO)   $350 $175
16 Supervisory Analyst Exam (NYSE-SA)
[one or two parts depending on NYSE requirements]  
$240 $60
17 United Kingdom Securities Representative Exam (IE)   $80 $40
22 Direct Participation Programs Representative Exam (DR)   $100 $50
23 General Securities Principal Exam - Sales Supervisor (GP)   $100 $50
24 General Securities Principal Exam (GP)   $120 $60
26 Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products Principal Exam (IP)   $100 $50
27 Financial and Operations Principal Exam (FN)   $120 $60
28 Introducing Broker/Dealer Financial and Operations Principal Exam (FI)   $100 $50
30 Branch Managers Examination - Futures   $85 $42.50
31 Futures Managed Funds Examination   $85 $42.50
32 Limited Futures Exam-Regulations   $85 $42.50
34 Retail Off-Exchange Forex Examination   $85 $42.50
37 Canada Securities Representative Exam - with Options (CD)   $185 $92.50
38 Canada Securities Representative Exam - no Options (CN) $185 $92.50
39 Direct Participation Programs Principal Exam (DP)   $95 $47.50
42 Registered Options Representative Exam (OR)   $75 $37.50
50 Municipal Advisor Representative Examination   $115 $57.50
51 Municipal Fund Securities Limited Principal (FP)   $105 $52.50
52 Municipal Securities Representative (MR)   $130 $65
53 Municipal Securities Principal (MP)   $115 $57.50
57 Securities Trader Representative Exam (TD)   $120 $60
62 Corporate Securities Representative Exam (CS)   $95 $47.50
63 Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam (AG)   $135 $67.50
65 NASAA-Investment Advisors Law Exam (RA)   $175 $87.50
66 NASAA-Uniform Combined State Law Exam (AG and/or RA)   $165 $82.50
72 Government Securities Representative Exam (RG)   $110 $55
79 Investment Banking Representative Exam (IB)   $305 $152.50
82 Private Securities Offerings Representative Exam (PR)   $95 $47.50
86 Research Analyst Exam - Part I - Analysis (RS)   $185 $92.50
87 Research Analyst Exam - Part II - Regulatory (RS)   $130 $65
99 Operations Professional Exam (OS) $130 $65

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact FINRA’s Candidate Services department at (800) 999-6647.