Rule 4530 - Disclosure and Complaint Filings


FINRA Rule 4530 was modeled after former NASD Rule 3070 and former NYSE Rule 351. Any matter that becomes subject to reporting or filing on or after July 1, 2011, must be reported or filed in accordance with the requirements of FINRA Rule 4530. 


FINRA Rule 4530(a) requires firms to promptly report specified events to FINRA no later than 30 calendar days after the firm knows or should have known of their existence. FINRA Rule 4530(b) requires a firm to report to FINRA within 30 calendar days after the firm has concluded, or reasonably should have concluded, on its own that the firm or an associated person of the firm has violated any securities, insurance, commodities, financial or investment-related laws, rules, regulations or standards of conduct of any domestic or foreign regulatory body or self-regulatory organization.

How to report events.

Customer Complaints

FINRA Rule 4530(d) requires firms to report quarterly statistical and summary information regarding written customer complaints. FINRA uses the information to identify and initiate investigations of firms, branch offices and associated persons that may pose a risk, and for the timely identification of other regulatory matters in line with our goal of enhancing risk-based approaches to regulation, investor protection and market integrity.

The statistical and summary information regarding customer complaints required pursuant to FINRA Rule 4530(d) is due quarterly by the 15th calendar day from the end of the quarter. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, the report is due the next business day following the 15th. For a current list of filing due dates, see 4530/Customer Complaints Quarterly Reporting Due Dates.

How to report complaints.

Criminal Actions, Civil Litigations and Non-FINRA Arbitrations

Rule 4530(f) requires firms to promptly file with FINRA copies of specified criminal actions,
civil complaints and non-FINRA arbitration claims. Firms may file the required documents either electronically (as a scanned email attachment or scanned and saved on a disk) or in paper form.

FINRA has adopted Rule 4530(g) to give firms the option of filing the documents required under Rule 4530(f) online via FINRA's Firm Gateway. To facilitate online filings, FINRA has created a new form, which is available through the Firm Gateway.

How to report criminal actions, civil litigations and non-FINRA arbitrations.


Related Regulatory Notices

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  • 13-08 FINRA Amends Rule 4530 to Eliminate Duplicative Reporting and Provide the Option to File Required Documents Online Using a New Form.
  • 11-32 FINRA Provides Additional Guidance Regarding Reporting Requirements Under Rule 4530
  • 11-10 FINRA Reminds Firms of Their Obligation to Electronically Report Specified Events and Quarterly Customer Complaint Information and Provides Additional Guidance on Automated Reporting Under FINRA Rule 4530
  • 11-06 SEC Approves Consolidated FINRA Rule Governing Reporting Requirements
  • 03-23 SEC Approves Amendment to NASD Rule 3070 to Require Filing with NASD of Criminal and Civil Complaints and Arbitration Claims