Electronic Fingerprint Processing

FINRA processes fingerprint transactions submitted by firms on behalf of their associated persons that are subject to the fingerprint requirements of Rule 17(f)(2) of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934. Member firms have two ways to submit fingerprint information to FINRA. A firm may submit hard copy fingerprint cards to FINRA, which requires FINRA to process the card electronically using high-speed scanners and FBI certified hardware and software to electronically submit fingerprint transactions to the FBI. Alternatively, a firm may submit fingerprint information electronically to FINRA under FINRA's Electronic Fingerprint Submission (EFS) Program. The EFP Program allows for high-speed electronic transmissions of fingerprint data to the FB either through the firm contracting with a certified vendor, or by leasing/purchasing fingerprint scanners to submit their information directly to FINRA.

For the fastest turnaround of fingerprint results, FINRA recommends using the EFS Program to submit fingerprint information. The EFS Program offers the following advantages:

  • Speed – Electronic submissions are sent to FINRA eliminating mail delivery time and are ready for immediate transmittal to the FBI.
  • Image Quality – Electronic fingerprints offer lower illegibility rates than hard copy submissions, leading to fewer fingerprint transactions that need to be re-submitted for an individual.
  • Cost – There are no postage fees to pay and lower FINRA fingerprint processing fees assessed for electronic fingerprint submissions. Typically, there are fewer fingerprint re-submissions required for an individual because of improved image quality which further reduces firms’ costs.

Details regarding the EFP Program and fingerprint processing may be viewed via the hyperlinks below.

For questions regarding FINRA's EFP Program, please contact the Gateway Call Center at (301) 869-6699.