Annual Contribution Limits

The annual IRS contribution limits are increased periodically due to inflation, but they are not increased every year. Keep in mind that in some 457 plans and the TSP plan, there are a few circumstances when you can contribute above the annual limits. In addition, the maximum contribution to a Roth IRA and the maximum deductible contribution to a traditional IRA may be reduced depending upon your income.

Product Maximum Annual Contribution Limit
Traditional IRA & Roth IRA $5,500, plus $1,000 catch-up if 50 or older
Traditional 401(k) & 403(b) $18,500, plus $6,000 catch-up
Roth 401(k) & 403(b) $18,500, plus $6,000 catch-up if 50 or older
457 $18,500, plus $6,000 catch-up if 50 or older, plus additional catch-up when approaching retirement
Thrift Savings Plan $18,500, plus $6000 catch-up if 50 or older