Office of the Chief Economist

The Office of the Chief Economist was created in 2013 to conduct research and analysis in support of FINRA’s rulemaking and policy agendas. The Office works closely with the Office of General Counsel and other departments in order to assess the economic implications of policies and programs in new and existing rulemaking. In order to advance that effort, the Office is responsible for gathering and analyzing data on securities firms and markets.

The Office of the Chief Economist works to achieve its objective through a variety of activities. These include conducting sophisticated economic and statistical analyses related to FINRA’s mission, working with outside experts in academia and industry to enhance FINRA’s foundation of knowledge, conducting special studies and evaluations, and participating in in-house training of staff on matters related to financial markets, market microstructure, and financial intermediation.

The Office of the Chief Economist also works collaboratively with a range of departments across FINRA to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of FINRA’s regulatory and investor education programs.


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