Industry Professional Contacts

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FINRA Call Center
Main FINRA Phone Number: (301) 590-6500
FINRA Coordinator Program
FINRA has assigned a dedicated point of contact to each firm to address your questions on such topics as rules, filing deadlines and compliance resources.
FINRA District Offices
View a listing of FINRA District Offices around the country.
FINRA Education & Programs
For more information about FINRA's educational programs and events in the U.S., or to register, please contact us via email or call (800) 321-6273.
Requests for Comments
FINRA provides various methods to submit comments in response to its requests for comments via the Regulatory Notice (formerly "Notices to Members") process.
File a Regulatory Tip
A Regulatory Tip may be filed by industry members or professionals who are aware of instances of unfair practices, fraud, or abusive conduct involving brokers or brokerage firms. 

Contact Information for Market Transparency Systems

Permission Requests
Individuals and organizations interested in using FINRA-copyrighted material must obtain permission from FINRA. Learn more and contact us for permission to use FINRA-copyrighted materials.
Office of the Ombudsman
The Ombudsman's Office provides a neutral and confidential forum for member firms and their employees, public investors and any other business or individual who interacts with FINRA to voice their concerns about operations, enforcement, or other FINRA activities or staff.
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