Professional Designations - C

Use this tool to decode the letters that sometimes follow a financial professional’s name. You can also see whether the issuing organization requires continuing education, takes complaints or has a way for you to confirm who holds the credential.

3 (1) A (22) B (6) C (119) D (3) E (3) F (11) G (1) I (1) L (2) M (5) N (1) P (4) Q (2) R (24) W (1)
Designation Acronymsort descending Compare
College Funding and Student Loan Advisor CFSLA
Certified 401(k) Professional C(k)P
Certified Annuity Advisor CAA
Certified Annuity Consultant CAC
Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst CAIA
Chartered Asset Manager CAM
Certified AML Specialist CAMLS
Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist CAMS
Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy CAP
Certified Asset Protection Planner
Formerly known as: APP
Certified Annuity Specialist CAS
Chartered Advisor for Senior Living CASL
Certified Business Exit Consultant CBEC
Certified Credit Counselor CCC
Certified College Financial Consultant CCFC
Certified College Funding Specialist CCFS
Certified Compliance Specialist CCOS
Certified College Planning Specialist CCPS
Certified Divorce Advisor
Formerly known as: CDC
Certified Divorce Consultant CDC
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
Formerly known as: CDP
Certified Debt Management Professional CDMP
Certified Divorce Planner CDP
Certified Estate Advisor CEA
Certified Employee Benefit Specialist CEBS
Certified Educational Consultant CEC
Certified Financial Transitionist CeFT®
Certified Equity Indexed Annuity Specialist CEIAS
Certified Estate Planner CEP
Certified Exit Planning Advisor CEPA
Certified Educator in Personal Finance CEPF
Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner CEPP
Certified Elder Planning Specialist CEPS
Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (formerly Board Certified in Estate Planning) CES
Certified Exit Planner CExP
Chartered Financial Analyst CFA
Certified Financial Consultant CFC
Certified Financial Divorce Practitioner CFDP
Certified Financial Educator CFEd
Certified Financial Education Instructor CFEI
Certified Financial Education Professional CFEP
Certified Financial Fiduciary CFF
Certified Financial Gerontologist CFG
Certified Fixed Income Practitioner CFIP
Certified Financial Marketing Professional CFMP
Certified Financial Planner CFP
Christian Financial Professionals Network Certified Member CFPN
Chartered Financial Risk Engineer CFRE
Certified Fund Specialist CFS
Certified Financial Wellness Educator CFWE
Certified Housing Counselor CHC
Chartered Financial Consultant ChFC
Chartered Financial Engineer ChFE
Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant ChFEBC
Certified Insurance Counselor CIC-Certified-Insurance-Counselor
Chartered Investment Counselor CIC-Chartered-Investment-Counselor
Certified Insurance Industry Professional CIIP
Certified Investment Management Analyst CIMA
Certified Investment Management Consultant CIMC
Certified IRA Professional CIP
Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement CIPM
Certified Income Specialist (Formerly Retirement Income Specialist)
Formerly known as: RIS
Certified IRA Services Professional CISP
Certified Insurance Service Representative CISR
Certified Kingdom Advisor (Formerly Qualified Kingdom Advisor)
Formerly known as: QKA
Certified Long-Term Care CLTC
Chartered Life Underwriter CLU
Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor CM&AA
Certified Management Accountant CMA
Chartered Market Analyst or Financial Analyst Designate CMA or FAD
Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor CMFC
Certified Medicaid Planner CMP
Chartered Market Technician CMT
Certified Public Accountant CPA
Certified Personal Banker CPB
Certified Pension Consultant CPC
Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter CPCU
Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor CPFA
Certified Personal Finance Counselor CPFC
Certified Professional Insurance Agent CPIA
Certified Professional Insurance Man CPIM
Certified Professional Insurance Woman CPIW
Chartered Portfolio Manager CPM
Certified Professional Retirement Coach CPRC
Certified Personal Risk Manager CPRM
Certified Personal Retirement Specialist CPRS
Certified Portfolio Specialist CPS
Certified Private Wealth Advisor
Formerly known as: CPWA-2
Chartered Private Wealth Advisor CPWA
Certified Retirement Administrator CRA
Certified Retirement Counselor CRC
Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional CRCP
Certified Retirement Education Specialist CRES
Certified Retirement Financial Advisor CRFA
Certified Risk Manager CRM
Certified Retirement Planner CRP
Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor CRPC
Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist CRPS
Certified Retirement Services Professional CRSP
Certified Senior Advisor CSA
Certified Senior Consultant CSC
Certified Specialist in Estate Planning CSEP
Chartered Senior Financial Planner CSFP
Certified Student Loan Advisor CSLA
Certified Student Loan Professional CSLP
Chartered SRI Counselor CSRIC
Certified Specialist in Retirement Planning CSRP
Certified in Social Security Claiming Strategies CSSCS
Chartered Trust and Estate Planner CTEP
Certified Trust and Financial Advisor CTFA
Certified Treasury Professional CTP
Certified Tax Specialist CTS
Certified Wealth Consultant CWC
Chartered Wealth Manager CWM
Certified Workplace Money Coach CWMC
Certified Wealth Management Specialist CWMS
Certified Wealth Preservation Planner CWPP
Certified Wealth Strategist CWS
Certified Wealth Smart Strategist CWSS