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FINRA Risk Monitoring Program

FINRA is committed to providing firms with prompt and accurate answers to their regulatory questions. As part of that commitment, FINRA has assigned a dedicated Risk Monitoring Team to every firm which includes a Risk Monitoring Director and a Risk Monitoring Analyst.

  • The Risk Monitoring Analyst acts as the primary point of contact for FINRA member firms.   Analysts will assist with answering member questions on such topics as FINRA Rules and Notices, financial and business conduct requirements, form filing deadline and compliance resources.  Analysts will assist members in obtaining guidance on rule interpretive questions.  Additionally, analysts will review firm submissions (FOCUS, Audit, Notifications, Rule 4530 filings, etc.) and contact members to address any questions about the information provided and to discuss business activities as well as industry events.  To support this process, FINRA encourages firms to notify Risk Monitoring Analysts any time it experiences any material changes, including changes in key officers, ownership and/or business operations.
  • The Risk Monitoring Director serves as the Risk Monitoring Analyst’s immediate supervisor.  The Risk Monitoring Director will be responsible for ensuring that Analysts understand the firm’s business activities and the related risks. The Risk Monitoring Director will also work closely with members, alongside the Risk Monitoring Analyst, as we meet with firms, to address the more complex issues a firm may face and discuss new regulatory initiatives.
  • The Single Point of Accountability will oversee the Risk Monitoring team and will coordinate with Examination Program Management on the execution of examinations of member firms.  In this capacity, The Single Point of Accountability is ultimately accountable for the ongoing risk monitoring, risk assessment, and planning and execution of examinations of member firms.  Members should feel free to contact their assigned Single Point of Accountability if there is any issue needing escalation.

Contact your firm's assigned Risk Monitoring Analyst for additional details.