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Financial Industry Networking Directory (FIND)


Connecting Individuals with Opportunities in the Financial Services Industry

The Financial Industry Networking Directory (FIND)™ is a complementary FINRA subscription service designed to connect individuals who are enrolled to take the Security Industry Essentials® (SIE®) exam with firms that are recruiting for employment and internship opportunities.

Subscribed firms can leverage the data found in the FIND data to enhance their recruiting efforts in a more targeted and efficient manner.

Learn more about how FIND can benefit you, eligibility criteria and how you can participate.



  • When you opt in to FIND, you can get the attention of subscribed firms in the financial services industry by granting them access to information about your educational history, geographic preferences and positions of interest directly through the FIND data.
  • Your demonstrated interest in the industry allows you to market yourself to firms and be considered for roles and opportunities you might not know about otherwise.
  • You can update your information and opt out when you no longer want to be recruited.
  • If you become registered, your information will be automatically removed from the FIND data.


  • When a firm subscribes to FIND, it will receive a catalog of individuals who have demonstrated interest in the financial industry by enrolling for the SIE or have already passed the SIE.
  • Firms can filter the candidate’s data based on identifiers provided by candidates, such as the candidate’s geographic locations, academic backgrounds or industry areas of interest.


To opt in to FIND, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • You are enrolled to take the SIE exam or have already passed the SIE exam.
  • You, rather than a firm, have paid for the SIE exam. If a firm paid for your SIE exam, you are not eligible to opt in to FIND.
  • You are not currently registered with a firm.

How Does It Work?


Eligible individuals can opt in to FIND through the Test Enrollment Services System (TESS) either upon enrollment or at any time while their exam is valid. Their information is then made available to subscribed firms that will contact the candidate if they match their recruitment needs.

Note: There is no guarantee that participating in FIND will directly lead to matching with a firm or position.


Interested firms should complete this indication of interest form. FINRA will respond within two business days to start the subscription process. Subscribed firms have access to the following candidate information:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • SIE Exam Status – Passed or Not Yet Passed (FIND does not communicate if an individual has failed the SIE. If you have not yet taken or passed the exam, FIND will not indicate any status)
  • SIE Validity Date (the date when the candidate passed the SIE exam and date when the SIE validity will expire)
  • CRD# (if applicable)

Optionally, candidates may provide: 

  • LinkedIn Profile Link
  • Education – Levels, Area of study and Institution
  • Employment Status
  • Employer
  • Industry Areas of Interest
  • Current Region
  • Willingness to Relocate
  • Desired Work Regions
  • SIE Exam Pass Date

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