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FINRA webinars are free online video programs delivered right to your desktop. Webinars include panel discussions with FINRA staff and/or industry experts and feature online resource materials that participants can access from their own computers.

Upcoming Webinars

Rule 4111 Webinar

FINRA invites administrators who manage access to FINRA applications to attend this webinar to learn about the new Rule 4111 Compliance Tool, housed in the FINRA Gateway. This tool will provide, as they are issued:

  1. Official reports of whether the member firm met the Preliminary Criteria for Identification (PCI), including its Preliminary Identification Metrics, as of the Evaluation Date; and
  2. Unofficial early indicator reports of information as of, and before, an Evaluation Date. The unofficial reports will be generated for informational purposes only; whether a firm will meet the PCI as of the Evaluation Date for the official report could change based on subsequent events.

FINRA expects that the first unofficial early indicator reports will be available to member firms in early June 2022, and that the first official reports will be available in July 2022. FINRA will notify member firms when these reports are available.

Firms can learn more about the tool by joining a virtual demonstration on May 26, 2022, at 2 p.m. ET.


Previous Webinars

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Only FINRA's Annual Conference is open to the media. All other FINRA conferences, webinars, and other programs are closed to the media.