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FINRA Rule Consolidation

FINRA is working toward a new consolidated rulebook, which seeks not only to harmonize and streamline existing rules, but also to give consideration to the rapidly evolving nature of the securities business and the broad diversity of firms subject to FINRA regulation. To learn more about the process, read our Information Notices.

Rule Conversion Charts

To facilitate the transition to the consolidated rulebook, FINRA has created three Rule Conversion Charts to show how new FINRA Rules relate to the NASD and/or Incorporated NYSE Rules that they replace.

FINRA updates these charts as the effective dates of rules for the consolidated FINRA rulebook are announced.

Important Note: These conversion charts are intended as a reference aid only—member firms are responsible for carefully consulting the relevant new rule language.

Request for Comments

As discussed in Information Notice 03/12/08, FINRA may determine to file proposals related to the rulebook consolidation process directly with the SEC for comment or to first seek comment in a Regulatory Notice. FINRA strongly encourages member firms and interested members of the public to engage in the rule comment process. For information on how to respond to FINRA and SEC requests for comment, see the links below.