For Investors: Education Is Key to Protection


What Do Con Artists Know?

What Do Con Artists Know?
When it comes to investment and financial fraud, we're all at risk. But that doesn't mean you can't learn to spot and avoid a scam—and even have fun doing it. That's where Con 'Em If You Can comes in. It's a new interactive game developed by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and D2D Fund.

Take Action to Recover From Financial Fraud ©

Take Action to Recover From Financial Fraud

Financial fraud is real and can be devastating. If you are a victim, you may be coping with the aftermath of a compromised identity, damaged credit and financial loss as well as a range of emotions, including anger, fear and frustration. These steps can help you reclaim power from the fraudsters and move forward.

Prepare to Invest

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Set Your Financial Goals

Know what you want to accomplish with your investments before you invest.

Products and Professionals

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Key Investing Concepts

Learn about a range of investment products and the people who sell them.

Protect Your Money

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Avoid Fraud

Learn to spot and avoid investment fraud.

Resolve a Problem

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File a Complaint

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