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Fixed Income Data

FINRA provides comprehensive, real-time access to fixed income security and trade information compiled from multiple sources, including but not limited to TRACE, Refinitiv, S&P, Moody’s, and Black Knight Technologies. FINRA and its information providers do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the data. Individuals should not make investment or other financial decisions solely on the basis of this data. Use of this site is subject to the Fixed Income Data User Agreement.

    Fixed Income Security Lookup

    Search on TRACE symbol or CUSIP to find a security and review details including real-time trade history.

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    Fixed Income Securities and Trade Activity

    Fixed income security and trade activity data. Learn more about Types of Bonds.

    Corporate and Agency Bond Data 
    Corporate and agency bonds are investor loans to corporations or government-sponsored enterprises other than US treasury. View end-of-day data for multiple bonds in a grid view.
    Municipal Securities
    Municipal securities are bonds issued by states, cities and counties. 
    Treasuries and US Savings Bonds
    Treasuries and US Savings Bonds are backed and issued by the US government. 
    Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)
    An ABS offers returns based on the repayment of debt owed by a pool of consumers.

    Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)
    An MBS provides issuers monthly payments from a pool of mortgages and passes on a proportionate share of the collected principal and interest to bondholders.

    To-Be-Announced (TBA) Securities
    A TBA trade is effectively a contract to buy or sell mortgage-backed securities on a specific date.

    Fixed Income Market Statistics

    Aggregate data on fixed income markets updated daily, monthly, or yearly depending on type.

    Bond Market Activity
    End-of-day bond market data, including bond market breadth and sentiment. 
    Treasury Aggregate Statistics
    Trading volume in U.S. Treasury Securities reported for the prior day, week, or month. 
    Structured Product Activity Reports and Tables
    End-of-day aggregate summary of U.S. structured products markets.
    Fixed Income Distributions
    A cumulative list of distributions that have been announced during the calendar year.
    Corporate and Agencies Capped Volume Report
    Capped average size trading volumes in Corporate, Agency and Structured Products reported for the prior month.
    TRACE Monthly Volume Report
    Total and average daily trading volumes in Corporate, Agency and Securitized Products reported for the prior month.

    Fixed Income Data Subscriptions

    Data subscriptions for market professionals, academics and media outlets.

    TRACE Data Feeds
    Subscription information on real-time TRACE data feeds.
    End-Of-Day Transaction File
    Subscription information on the daily file that includes all transaction data disseminated as part of real-time TRACE transaction data on that day.
    TRACE Enhanced Historical Data
    Subscription information on transaction-level information including information previously not disseminated to the public.
    TRACE Security Activity Report (TSAR)
    Subscription information on a monthly report that provides aggregated statistics for each traded TRACE-Eligible Corporate and Agency security.
    Academic Corporate Bond Data
    Subscription information on historic transaction-level data on all transactions in corporate bonds reported to TRACE available solely to institutions of higher education.
    Bond Market Aggegate Data for Media
    Subscription information for media outlets wishing to receive and redistribute bond market aggregate statistics.