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Fixed Income Distributions

The fixed income distributions file is a cumulative list of distributions that have been announced per calendar year going back to 1/1/2017. Distributions include cash, stock and in kind distributions as a result of a bankruptcy reorganization plan, default interest payments, or other distributions in fixed income securities.

FINRA’s Market Operations Department reviews and processes these distributions pursuant to SEA Rule 10b-17 and FINRA Uniform Practice Code (FINRA Rule 11000 Series). For questions about fixed income distributions, contact FINRA Market Operations at (866) 776-0800.

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The fields provided in the Fixed Income Distribution announcements are defined below.

Field Header Definition
SYMBOL The trading symbol of the security for which the distribution is being announced
DAILY_LIST_DATE The date and time the item was published
ISSUE_NAME A name of the security for which the distribution is being announced
EFF_DATE The effective date of the distribution
MATURITY_DATE The maturity date of the security
RECORD_DATE The record date of the distribution
PAYMENT_DATE The payment date of the distribution
DAILY_LIST_REASON BCSHD = Bankruptcy Cash Distribution
BSTKD = Bankruptcy Stock Distribution
DCSHD = Default Interest (Cash) Distribution
DSTKD = Default Stock Distribution
ACCRD_INTRST_PMNT_PER_PRNCL_AMNT The accrued interest payment per principal amount
INTRST_PMNT_PER_PRNCL_AMNT The interest payment per principal amount
COMMENTS Displays the comments (if available) provided on the announcement
DVDND_MSTR_ID Identifies the distribution announcement, and allows it to be tied to any changes to the original announcement if necessary

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