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Securities Lending and Transparency Engine (SLATE)

FINRA has filed a proposed rule change to adopt the FINRA Rule 6500 Series (Securities Lending and Transparency Engine (SLATETM)). SLATE is a new facility to allow for Covered Securities Loan transaction reporting by Covered Persons and transparency of Covered Securities Loan transactions in accordance with SEA Rule 10c-1a and the FINRA Rule 6500 Series. The Rule 6500 Series outlines the scope of the reporting obligations and relevant definitions, including of “Covered Person” and “Covered Securities Loan,” consistent with SEA Rule 10c-1a. If approved by the SEC, firms would be required to report Covered Securities Loan information to SLATE pursuant to FINRA’s rules beginning Friday, January 2, 2026.

Project Timetable

LaunchJanuary 2, 2026
CT and User Acceptance Test DatesJuly 2025 (date TBD)*

*Test dates are estimates and subject to change by FINRA.

Additional Information


  • Technical Questions: email 
  • Outreach Inquiries, External Conferences1, and Reporting Questions: John Columbus, Director, Transparency Services, via email
  • Rule Interpretations: Lauren Schreur, Associate General Counsel, FINRA Office of General Counsel, via email.


1 FINRA participation in vendor webinars is conditioned upon:

  • Our participation is conditioned on this event being open to non-firm clients, free of charge, with no press in attendance, and no recording of the portion of the event FINRA attends.
  • We will join and drop immediately after our presentation; we will not be able to answer comments or questions live. 
  • Because we cannot appear to endorse any given vendor or entity, there can be no firm or other vendor logo on screen while FINRA is presenting. 
  • We are unable to review and comment on presentation content created by the firm’s teams; our legal office encourages you to consult with your legal team to ensure accuracy of information and statements in your presentation materials.
  • With regard to social media posts, website content, or other publicizing of the event, due to our obligations as an impartial regulator, we must approve all uses of and language around our name and logo before the firm posts on its website or social media channels, etc.  
  • Finally, please understand that we cannot in any way be seen to endorse any materials, statements, or services offered by the firm, and our participation in the event is intended solely to help raise awareness around FINRA's proposed rule change related to securities lending.