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FINRA Gateway
Compliance. Only Better.

Technology shouldn’t slow you down – it should make you more efficient. That’s why FINRA has launched the new FINRA Gateway.

The new compliance portal, powered by FINRA's Digital Experience Transformation, is designed to streamline the FINRA compliance and reporting experience by providing a more flexible solution that can be customized to target your specific needs.

The new system, which is being implemented in stages, focuses on compliance functions, such as research, reporting and responding to requests, rather than on compliance systems. This will ultimately help you perform your compliance tasks more efficiently. The system also provides users with quick links to the 'Classic' FINRA applications and features you are accustomed to using that have not yet migrated to the new system.

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How Is FINRA Gateway Doing This?

  • The Dashboard: Streamlined navigation will get you to the work or information you need faster.
  • Requests: A list of all digital FINRA requests and work due will be consolidated in a single place—with the ability to save filtered and sorted views.
  • Profiles: Unique Firm, Branch and Individual profiles will allow for better navigation and quick access to the forms you need, when you need them. 
  • Reports: A new dynamic and customized reporting capability will allow you to create, save and export your registered individual and branch information. Learn more about FINRA Gateway Reports.
  • Support: Have issues along the way? Quickly submit your support issues online through the system rather than on the phone.
  • Quick Links: Direct links back to the ‘Classic’ FINRA applications and features you are accustomed to using, enabling you to transition to the new features on your timeline. 
  • Data Entry/Filings: Starting with the enhanced U4 experience, data entry will be made easier with a more user friendly and streamlined experience. 
  • Recently Viewed: A record of historic places you have visited to make it easier to get back to what you were doing. 
  • Admin: Users now have the ability to control both user and firm settings in one easy to find location. 
  • Contacts: Quickly get in contact with someone at FINRA who knows your firm, Risk Monitoring Analyst (RMA), Risk Monitoring Director (RMD) and Single Point of Accountability (SPOA). FINRA Contact System contacts coming in June. Learn more about FINRA Gateway Contacts.

What Will FINRA Gateway Ultimately Replace? 

  • Firm Gateway: FINRA Gateway entirely replaces Firm Gateway, which will remain available at least through the middle of Q3 2021. 
  • Compliance Calendar: Your firm-specific Compliance Calendar reminders/tasks are now included in the FINRA Requests feature. The existing Compliance Calendar on will be migrated into FINRA Gateway in 2021.
  • Registration Tasks: FINRA Gateway will become the primary way you navigate registration related tasks currently found in Web CRD.
  • Other FINRA Regulatory Systems Found in Firm Gateway: New functionality will be released to replace other systems, such as the FINRA Contact System, over time. 

Key Dates



Q1 2021


  • Updates to the new data entry experience for U4 in FINRA Gateway. See the Registration Filing in FINRA Gateway page for complete information


  • Share and “Save as” abilities within FINRA Gateway Reports
  • CE and NY IARD Templates within FINRA Gateway Reports

Q2 2021


  • Classic U4 data entry experience retired  
  • Search abilities within FINRA Gateway Requests 
  • View historical filings 


  • New U5 data entry experience 
  • Customizable home page in FINRA Gateway 


  • FINRA Contact System (FCS) will move to FINRA Gateway (Firm Gateway FCS will be retired) 
  • Firm Gateway CRD Queues available in FINRA Gateway homepage
  • Alerts added as a Notification 
  • Filing Reminders added as a Notification

Q3 2021


  • Ability to customize Quick links / add Favorites on a user’s homepage  


IMPORTANT: Several features were retired August 21, 2021.   
Firm Gateway — Firms now use FINRA Gateway to access all their compliance-related tasks.   
Classic CRD — The following features in the Classic CRD system were partially or completely retired:   

  • View Individual 
  • View Organization 
  • Branch Composite View 
  • Individual Search 
  • Branch Search (also known as Organization Search) 
  • Form U5 Filing Capabilities 
  • Several Classic CRD Reports  

See the Registration Filing in FINRA Gateway page for complete information. 


  • Modernized and centralized system-generated notifications functionality launched, beginning with new notifications sent to registered representatives with FinPro Accounts who have CE requirements due (optional for firms)

*These dates may change. 

How Can I Prepare? 

We want your transition to the new FINRA Gateway to be as seamless as possible. When you log in to FINRA Gateway, you will have access to tutorials and quick reference materials.

Help/Featured Help

Before submitting a support ticket, try searching for what you need using the ‘How Can We Help?’ menu in FINRA Gateway. Users can find a regularly curated list of time-specific help in the ‘Featured Help’ tab.


Join one of our FINRA Gateway webinars to help get you started and to ensure you make the most of the new experience. 

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Video Tour

Watch our two-minute video tour of FINRA Gateway to learn more about its new features and functionality.

Want to Help Shape the Future?

We heard that firms experienced challenges in managing and accessing FINRA’s multiple systems and data sets. That’s why FINRA Gateway will put everything in one place — a unified experience. 

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