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Bond Market Activity

This data provides aggregate market activity for corporate bonds, agency bonds and 144a bonds (144a bonds are private placement securities subject to SEC Rule144A), using end-of-day data for days the system is open. Data is not available for days the system is closed. Please refer to Systems Calendar. (View the data for multiple days simultaneously here.) Learn more about bonds.

  • The advances, declines, and unchanged requires the security to have at least one valid transaction in the prior 10 business days. If no transaction exists, the security will be excluded.
  • The advances, declines, and unchanged look at the last reported price for each day the security transacted.
  • The 52 week high/Low consider all transactions for each security traded within the prior 52 weeks. Not only the last/closing transaction.
  • The dollar volume is the total volume traded for all secondary transactions in each subproduct. The dollar volume is not capped.