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CRCP Continuing Education Requirement

Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional (CRCP)® designees are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education (CE) every three years as of their certificate anniversary award date. You can choose your CRCP® CE credits from FINRA-developed conferences and compliance meetings, e-learning, online workshops, webinars and webcasts.

CRCP CE Self-Certifying Process

CRCP graduates should report CRCP CE credit(s) as soon as possible after concluding a program or course. CRCP CE credits are not considered accrued until you have reported them to FINRA.

Report My CRCP CE Credits

For questions regarding the FINRA CRCP Reporting System, please refer to the frequently asked questions. For additional questions, please contact us directly.

CRCP designees who do not remain current with the CRCP CE requirement may no longer use the designation of CRCP.

Note to Graduates from 2003 or earlier: CRCP designees who received their designation in 2003 or earlier are waived from the CRCP CE requirement. However, these designees are encouraged to complete voluntary continuing education.

The following FINRA programs are eligible for FINRA CRCP CE credit:

Eligible Program Duration CRCP CE Credits
A Few Minutes With FINRA 5-30 Minutes .25 - .5
FINRA Advertising Regulation Conference – In-person 1 ½ Days 9
FINRA Advertising Regulation Conference – Live Broadcast 1 ½ Days 9
FINRA AML Half-Day Seminars ½ Day 4
FINRA Annual Conference – In-person 3 Days 12
FINRA Annual Conference – Live Broadcast 3 Days 12
FINRA Artificial Intelligence – Virtual 3 Hours 3
FINRA Blockchain Symposium – In-person 3 Hours 3
FINRA Cybersecurity Conference1 1 Day 4.5 – 6
FINRA Cybersecurity Half-Day Seminars ½ Day 4
FINRA Diversity Summit 1 Day 4.5-6
FINRA E-Learning Catalog Courses 25-30 Minutes .5
FINRA E-Learning Arbitrator Course - Basic Arbitrator Training (Part I) 8 Hours 8
FINRA E-Learning Arbitrator Course - Expungement Training (Part II) 2 Hours 2
FINRA E-Learning Arbitrator Courses - Advanced Training 1-2 Hours 1-2
FINRA Fixed Income Conference – In-person 1 Day 4.5-6
FINRA Fixed Income Conference – Live Broadcast 1 Day 4.5-6
FINRA Institutional Conference 1 Day 6
FINRA Podcasts2 10-30 Minutes .25-.5
FINRA Regional Compliance Meetings3 2-3.30 Hours 2
FINRA Regional Member Forums ½ Day 4-5
FINRA RegTech Conference 1 Day 5.5
FINRA Regulation Best Interest Conference 1 Day 6
FINRA Small Firm Conference Calls 45-60 minutes .75 - 1
FINRA Small Firm Conference – In-person 1 ½ Days 8
FINRA Small Firm Conference – Virtual 4.5 Hours 4.5
FINRA Virtual Conference Panels 40-60 minutes 1
FINRA Webinars 30 - 90 Minutes .5-1.5
Individual FINRA Conference Session (live or on-demand) 1-1.25 Hours 1

1Effective with 2016 and later programs.

2Podcasts 25-30 minutes in length are awarded .5 credits.

3Effective with 2013 and later programs.