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E-Bill Announcements

What's New In E-Bill?

April 2024

E-Bill is now integrated into FINRA Gateway. FINRA's financial system enables entitled users to view financial details, submit payment to firm accounts and invoices, and create transaction reports. Users can access the new E-Bill experience by logging in to FINRA Gateway or navigating through other systems (for example, FPRD).

For more information, please review the E-Bill page, the E-Bill User Guide, and the in-system tutorials.

Previous Announcements

October 2020

State sales tax is now assessed for certain FINRA-provided products or services; please review the E-Bill state sales tax information for details.

September 2020

FINRA is upgrading its back-end accounting systems at the beginning of October. As a result of this upgrade, the E-Bill system will be unavailable from Thursday, October 1, until Friday, October 9.

During this outage period:

  • Accounting transactions (including CRD/IARD transactions) will still be deducted from your Flex-Funding Account, but account balance changes that occur during the outage will not be viewable in E-Bill.
  • Organizations will not be able to perform the following activities:
    • add funds via ACH, wire or check;
    • initiate funds transfers between accounts, affiliated firms and invoices; or
    • view historic financial information.
  • AutoPay will not pay pending invoices or add funds.
  • Accounting-related reports will not be available.
  • No new invoices will be generated.
  • E-Bill notifications will not be sent.

Organizations are encouraged to deposit funds in the organization’s Flex-Funding Account to avoid CRD/IARD-related filing issues (e.g., “Funds Deficient” statuses) prior to Wednesday, September 30, to ensure that the outage does not interfere with upcoming organizational needs.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this major transition and apologize for any inconvenience this outage may cause.

October 2019

CRD reports are now available on E-Bill

  • The CRD accounting reports are now available on E-Bill via a new Reports tab.
  • This enhancement enables users to generate these specific reports in PDF or CSV format on demand within E-Bill.
  • These reports may be generated to include up to five years of historical financial information.

September 2017

E-Bill Automatic Payments (AutoPay) Feature

  • E-Bill allows authorized users to create Automatic Payment (AutoPay) subscriptions with user-configured parameters for automatically funding the firm FINRA Flex-Funding account and for paying firm invoices.
  • E-Bill will evaluate the subscription parameters and when they are met, it will automatically initiate a payment on the user’s behalf using the user’s saved ACH account information.
  • For details on the AutoPay feature, refer to the AutoPay section in the E-Bill User Guide
  • Browser Compatibility: As of September 30, 2017, E-Bill will no longer support versions of Internet Explorer 10 and lower.

December 2016

  • Authorized users can now view Posted Transaction Activity, such as payments applied to invoices, on the Open and Closed Invoices pages in E-Bill. Activity dated from February 1, 2016, and later is available.
  • E-Bill will indicate pending transactions made against invoices but which have not yet posted, and will reflect pending transactions in Invoice Balances.
  • Pending transaction details are now listed on the Open Invoices page as well.
  • These features are available as part of the existing E-Bill Invoice entitlement.

November 2016

  • Beginning this year, renewal statements will only be accessible through E-Bill with Preliminary Statements posted on Nov. 14, 2016. Renewal reports will continue to be available through Web CRD/IARD for reconciliation purposes. 
  • In E-Bill, firms may now:
    • View a summary of their current renewal account status, including fees owed and payments made to date
    • View/save/print a PDF of their Renewal Statement
    • Pay their outstanding renewal balance
    • View a summary of and detailed transactions from historical renewal cycles – this includes fee details, payments, reallocations, etc

October 2016

  • Simplified Flex-Funding summary on the E-Bill Overview: Estimated balance is displayed and is a total of the Last Posted Balance and any Funds Deficient transactions and Pending transactions.
  • Print: A print-friendly option for the E-Bill Overview, Flex-Funding Account details, and Renewal History pages is now available.

June 2016

  • Sign change: A sufficient balance is now a positive number. Previously a positive balance was a negative number. A deficient balance is now a negative number. Previously, a deficient balance was a positive number.
  • Account Details: E-Bill now displays the details of the financial transactions posted against the Flex-Funding and the Renewal accounts, as well as pending/intraday transactions from E-Bill and Web CRD/IARD. Sorting, filtering, and export capabilities are also provided.
  • Export: Account details can now be exported into a .csv file.
  • Custom Date Range: View account details by selecting a predefined interval or a custom date range that can extend beyond a 30-day period.
  • New Alert: Within the Flex-Funding Account Alerts section, users can choose to receive an update when funds are withdrawn from the account for purposes unrelated to WebCRD / IARD Fees.
  • Browser compatibility: As of May 14, 2016, E-Bill will no longer support versions of Internet Explorer 8 and lower.

June 2016 CRD/IARD

  • Effective June 18, 2016, Web CRD/IARD Accounting pages will no longer be available and the users will be redirected to E-Bill.
  • Web CRD/IARD Accounting Notifications: If you are subscribed to receive accounting related email notifications in Web CRD/IARD on your Flex-Funding account balances, you will need to subscribe to them again in E-Bill, as they will be turned off on June 18, 2016.
  • Access to E-Bill: If you had access to Web CRD/IARD Accounting, your access will be transferred to E-Bill.
  • CRD/IARD Accounting Reports will remain functional in Web CRD/IARD indefinitely.