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E-Bill Announcements

What's New In E-Bill?

October 2019:

CRD reports are now available on E-Bill

  • The CRD accounting reports are now available on E-Bill via a new Reports tab.
  • This enhancement enables users to generate these specific reports in PDF or CSV format on demand within E-Bill.
  • These reports may be generated to include up to five years of historical financial information.

Previous Announcements

September 2017

E-Bill Automatic Payments (AutoPay) Feature

  • E-Bill allows authorized users to create Automatic Payment (AutoPay) subscriptions with user-configured parameters for automatically funding the firm FINRA Flex-Funding account and for paying firm invoices.
  • E-Bill will evaluate the subscription parameters and when they are met, it will automatically initiate a payment on the user’s behalf using the user’s saved ACH account information.
  • For details on the AutoPay feature, refer to the AutoPay section in the E-Bill User Guide
  • Browser Compatibility: As of September 30, 2017, E-Bill will no longer support versions of Internet Explorer 10 and lower.

December 2016

  • Authorized users can now view Posted Transaction Activity, such as payments applied to invoices, on the Open and Closed Invoices pages in E-Bill. Activity dated from February 1, 2016, and later is available.
  • E-Bill will indicate pending transactions made against invoices but which have not yet posted, and will reflect pending transactions in Invoice Balances.
  • Pending transaction details are now listed on the Open Invoices page as well.
  • These features are available as part of the existing E-Bill Invoice entitlement.

November 2016

  • Beginning this year, renewal statements will only be accessible through E-Bill with Preliminary Statements posted on Nov. 14, 2016. Renewal reports will continue to be available through Web CRD/IARD for reconciliation purposes. 
  • In E-Bill, firms may now:
    • View a summary of their current renewal account status, including fees owed and payments made to date
    • View/save/print a PDF of their Renewal Statement
    • Pay their outstanding renewal balance
    • View a summary of and detailed transactions from historical renewal cycles – this includes fee details, payments, reallocations, etc

October 2016

  • Simplified Flex-Funding summary on the E-Bill Overview: Estimated balance is displayed and is a total of the Last Posted Balance and any Funds Deficient transactions and Pending transactions.
  • Print: A print-friendly option for the E-Bill Overview, Flex-Funding Account details, and Renewal History pages is now available.

June 2016

  • Sign change: A sufficient balance is now a positive number. Previously a positive balance was a negative number. A deficient balance is now a negative number. Previously, a deficient balance was a positive number.
  • Account Details: E-Bill now displays the details of the financial transactions posted against the Flex-Funding and the Renewal accounts, as well as pending/intraday transactions from E-Bill and Web CRD/IARD. Sorting, filtering, and export capabilities are also provided.
  • Export: Account details can now be exported into a .csv file.
  • Custom Date Range: View account details by selecting a predefined interval or a custom date range that can extend beyond a 30-day period.
  • New Alert: Within the Flex-Funding Account Alerts section, users can choose to receive an update when funds are withdrawn from the account for purposes unrelated to WebCRD / IARD Fees.
  • Browser compatibility: As of May 14, 2016, E-Bill will no longer support versions of Internet Explorer 8 and lower.

June 2016 CRD/IARD

  • Effective June 18, 2016, Web CRD/IARD Accounting pages will no longer be available and the users will be redirected to E-Bill.
  • Web CRD/IARD Accounting Notifications: If you are subscribed to receive accounting related email notifications in Web CRD/IARD on your Flex-Funding account balances, you will need to subscribe to them again in E-Bill, as they will be turned off on June 18, 2016.
  • Access to E-Bill: If you had access to Web CRD/IARD Accounting, your access will be transferred to E-Bill.
  • CRD/IARD Accounting Reports will remain functional in Web CRD/IARD indefinitely.