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Social Login and Registration for Public Users

Sign In With Google

The social login feature allows public/individual authenticated users who require an account to access FINRA’s systems to register and log in using their existing Google account credentials. Social login makes the onboarding process easy and simplifies the authentication process by using user’s existing Google account information and credentials. This eliminates the need for maintaining an additional password, reduces password fatigue and minimizes friction while accessing FINRA's systems.

Note: Social login is not available for Firm and Org account types. Only public/Individual authenticated users can register and log in to their FINRA individual accounts with Google.

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How Does Social Login Work?

Public users can create a FINRA individual account using their Google account credentials and then log in using the Sign In With Google option.

Users who have already created a FINRA account with their Google email address can link to it and sign in with Google. After linking, existing users can also log in with their password.


  1. How can I create an account with FINRA using my Google email?

    The Continue With Google option on the Create Individual Account page lets you use your Google account credentials to create your FINRA individual account. Select the Continue With Google option. Complete the Google authentication and confirm your first name and last name. You will receive a confirmation email with your user ID and login instructions.

  2. I used social login to create my FINRA individual account. How can I log in?

    Select the Sign In With Google button on the login screen and complete the authentication. During your first login, you will be required to set up security questions.

  3. Can I use the Sign In With Google option if I already have a FINRA individual account with Google email?

    Yes. Select the Sign In With Google option on the login screen and finish Google authentication first. When prompted, verify your existing account password and select Link And Sign In to link your existing account with the Google social login feature.

  4. I already linked my existing FINRA individual account to use the Google social login feature. Can I still log in with my FINRA account password? 

    Yes. If you already created a password for your FINRA account, you could log in with either option.

  5. Am I still required to complete two-factor authentication (i.e., answer security questions) to access my FINRA account if I use the Google social login feature?

    Yes. You will be prompted to set up security questions and answers during your first login.

  6. The personal email on my FINRA individual account is not a Google email address. Can I use the Google social login feature to log in?

    No. To use this option, the personal email on your FINRA individual account must be a Google email address. You must update your FINRA account and provide a Google email address if you want to use the Google social login feature.