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FINRA Entitlement Program Certification Representative (CRep) Designation Form

Use the Certification Representative (CRep) Designation Form to designate or replace a Certification Representative for your organization to complete the Entitlement User Accounts Certification Process.

This form has specific instructions and signature requirements which must be met for processing.

Electronic Form Submission via DocuSign

This form must be completed electronically. The link below will take you to the DocuSign website and will prompt you to enter the name and email address of an authorized signatory at your organization. An authorized signatory is an officer or an individual who is in a position that is authorized to sign on behalf of the organization. DocuSign will email a code to the authorized signatory in order to validate the email address and allow the authorized signatory to access the form. Once the form is complete and submitted, please allow up to three business days for the CRep to be entitled. The CRep and authorized signatory will receive an email when the process is complete.

FINRA Entitlement Program Certification Representative Designation Form (DocuSign)