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FINRA Contact System (FCS) - Instructions & Help

FINRA rules require that member firms maintain a list of firm contacts in the FCS. You should update your firm's contact information within 30 days whenever changes occur and confirm the information on record for some positions (Exec Rep, AML, BCP, etc.) on an annual basis. The Program Details page provides additional information, including links to related rules and Notices.

Logging into the FINRA Contact System (FCS)

You must be a properly entitled staff member of a FINRA member firm in order to access FCS. If you do not have entitlement, please see your firm's Account Administrator, who can update FCS on your behalf and/or grant you access to the Contact System. Please note that your firm must have a FINRA "Approved" status before you can complete any updates to FCS.

To access the FINRA Contact System:

  • Log into FINRA Gateway:
  • When prompted, enter your FINRA Entitlement login information.
  • Upon successful login, the FINRA Gateway Contacts page will display.

Additional Assistance

To obtain additional assistance regarding the FINRA Contact System:

  • Use the Walk Me navigation tips within the Contacts section.
  • Call the FINRA Gateway Call Center at (301) 869-6699.
  • Send us an email.