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Firm Clearing Arrangements Filing


Effective December 15, 2008, member firms that carry accounts and/or clear transactions or act as an intermediary to facilitate the clearance of accounts through another firm must report their clearing method and clearing arrangements through the FINRA Gateway, a tool that provides firms consolidated access to FINRA applications. Firms that are members of both FINRA and the NYSE must report their clearing method and arrangements under Incorporated NYSE Rule 416A. FINRA-only member firms are requested to provide this information on a voluntary basis. However, as part of FINRA's rulebook consolidation, FINRA staff anticipates proposing a similar rule that would apply to all FINRA member firms.

Member firms that do not carry accounts, clear transactions or act as an intermediary in a clearing arrangement are not subject to this reporting obligation. Such firms will, however, be able to view information pertaining to them that has been filed by the reporting firms and will receive an email notice if a reporting firm adds or removes them as a correspondent.

Access the FINRA Firm Clearing Arrangements Filing

You must be a properly entitled staff member of a FINRA member firm to access the FINRA Firm Clearing Arrangements Filing via the FINRA Gateway at

All properly entitled individuals may update clearing arrangements information via this online form.

If you have any difficulties with your FINRA login, please see your firm's Account Administrator for assistance. If you are the Account Administrator and are having difficulty logging in, please call the FINRA Support Center at (800) 321-6273 for assistance.

Instructions & Help


provides step-by-step instructions on accessing and updating the information and access to frequently asked questions.