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OATS Web Interface

The OATS Web Interface is intended for all Order Sending Organizations (OSOs) — including member firms and third parties acting on behalf of member firms. For both the Customer Test (CT) and Production (PD) environments, there is a corresponding OATS Web Interface with duplicate features.

The OATS Web Interface provides access to daily reporting statistics, rejections, and feedback related to OATS Reporting. It contains features and functions to

  • Obtain feedback related to FORE files, ROE submissions, Matching results, and Out of Sequence results for all business days within the most recent 90 calendar days
  • View, repair, and resubmit Rejected ROEs
  • Create and submit OATS Reportable Order Events
  • Create and edit OATS Reporting Relationships
  • Add and edit OATS Contacts

(PDF 5 MB) Updated
Provides an overview of the OATS Web Interface. It describes the functionality and steps used to navigate, view, and take action on OATS data and feedback.

The OATS Web Interface User Guide is a companion document to the OATS Reporting Technical Specifications. The Technical Specifications provides descriptions of order and reporting responsibilities, Reportable Order Event record (ROE), and Firm Order Report file (FORE) layouts.

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(PDF 150 KB)
Provides definitions, allowable values, and additional information related to data presented on the OATS Web Interface.

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