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4530 File Transfer Service Migration to fileX


FINRA is pleased to announce a new centralized, secure file transfer platform called fileX, which enables firms to programmatically send, track and receive files in one place. fileX significantly streamlines the process for submitting bulk filings to FINRA, provides additional options for downloading files from FINRA, and allows for seamless and secure authentication and authorization.

If your firm does not submit filings by batch submission, there is no action required.


The current phase of transition to the new fileX file transfer platform is focused on migrating 4530 from FINRA’s legacy file transfer system to fileX. In order to ensure an easy transition for firms, FINRA has provided detailed information about the fileX platform and migration process. This information will assist firms with their transition and help prepare for testing. fileX supports the following three service methods through which files can be transferred to FINRA: SFTP, REST API and S3 Direct. The key features, benefits and access details of each service can be found through hyperlinks under the Resources section below. fileX will eventually replace all legacy file transfer methods currently in use. The following actions are required for file transfers related to 4530.

Required Firm Action Items

  1. Firms currently using FINRA Enterprise Web Security (EWS) accounts will be able to continue using their current credentials to connect to fileX. Alternatively, a firm can request a new EWS account by contacting the FINRA Gateway Call Center (800-3216273). Application access is controlled by entitlements granted to the EWS account. The process for requesting new accounts and the associated entitlements will remain the same.
  2. Firms will need to whitelist the new FINRA fileX IPs to successfully connect with the FINRA servers. The new FINRA fileX IPs can be found in the fileX User Guide. Firms will not need to have FINRA whitelist their IPs again unless their server addresses are changing, as FINRA will be carrying over existing whitelists.
  3. Update scripts or configurations1 that drive the existing SFTP transfers with:
    1. New hostname/IP can be found in the user guide listed below.
    2. Drop-off/pick-up directories:
Application Name Application SubSpaces Allowed Actions File Retention Duration
4530 {orgId}/r4530/in UPLOAD Immediately moved to archive folder
{orgId}/r4530/out DOWNLOAD 30 Calendar Days

The FINRA Support Center is available to assist firms in making a successful transition, and can be reached at (800) 321-6273 or by email. We will continue to keep you updated as we make progress on this initiative.

1. Or create new processes to leverage the REST or direct AWS S3 copy capability.