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Financial Notifications

Several Rules require that member firms notify both FINRA and SEC national and applicable regional offices when certain financial and operation conditions occur. FINRA’s Financial Notifications application in FINRA Gateway provides a filing system that gives member firms the ability to electronically submit regulatory notification filing information to FINRA. For guidance related to submitting required notifications to the SEC, firms should visit the SEC’s website or contact the SEC.

List of Notifications Made Using the Financial Notifications Application

(SEA Rule 15c3-1(e)(1)(i) or SEA
Rule 15c3-1(e)(1)(ii))
Withdrawals of equity capital
(SEA Rule 15c3-3(i)) Failure to make a deposit in the special reserve bank account
(SEA Rule 17a-4(f)(3)(v)(A)) Undertaking Regarding Electronic Recordkeeping System
(SEA Rule 17a-5(f)(2)) Statement Regarding Independent Public Accountant
(SEA Rule 17a-5(f)(3)) Replacement of accountant
(SEA Rule 17a-11(a)) Net Capital below minimum amount required
(SEA Rule 17a-11(b)(1)) Aggregate Indebtedness greater than 1,200% of Net Capital
(SEA Rule 17a-11(b)(2)) Net Capital less than 5% of Aggregate Debit Items (Alternative Computing Firms)
(SEA Rule 17a-11(b)(3)) Net Capital less than 120% of Required Minimum Net Capital (Early Warning)
(SEA Rule 17a-11(c)) Failure to make and keep Current Books and/or Records – Initial Notification
(SEA Rule 17a-11(c)) Failure to make and keep Current Books and/or Records – Follow Up Report
(SEA Rule 17a-11(d)(1) and SEA
Rule 17a-5(h))
Notice of Material Inadequacy or Material Weakness – Initial Notification
(SEA Rule 17a-11(d)(2)) Material Inadequacy or Material Weakness – Follow Up Report
(SEA Rule 17a-11(f)) Failure to make a deposit in the Special Reserve Account for the Exclusive Benefit of Security-Based Swap customers

If you have problems using the Financial Notifications application, please contact FINRA Support Center at (800) 321-6273. FINRA also encourages firms to contact their assigned Risk Monitoring Analyst for additional guidance.