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Technical Notice

FINRA Multi Factor Authentication Updates

September 22, 2023

Beginning Monday, October 30, 2023, FINRA will limit the number of unsuccessful TRAQS login attempts from 10 to five before the user is locked out of their account. This affects both the Nasdaq Test Facility (NTF) and production FINRA TRAQS websites.

FINRA has also made minor cosmetic changes to the MFA process; beginning October 30, 2023, it will:

  • Remember the user's last-used security method and display it at the next sign-on
  • Allow users to select a different security method if they do not want to use the last-used one (if multiple security methods are set)
  • Stop supporting Security images
  • Display Voice and SMS under Phone; and
  • Allow the viewing of Recent Activity in Okta Dashboard

Users can refer to the updated Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) FAQ page or the updated MFA Help Guide for further information.

Please contact FINRA Product Management or call (866) 899-2107 with questions regarding this notice.