National Adjudicatory Council

The National Adjudicatory Council (NAC) is a FINRA committee that reviews initial decisions rendered in FINRA disciplinary and membership proceedings. While a decision is on appeal, the sanction is not actively enforced against the firm or individual. The NAC may affirm, dismiss, modify, or reverse any finding, or remand for further proceedings. The NAC may affirm, modify, reverse, increase, or reduce any sanction or impose any other fitting sanction.

Unless FINRA's Board of Governors decides to review the NAC's appellate decision, the NAC's decision represents FINRA's final action. A firm or individual can appeal FINRA's decision to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Date of Decision Proceeding No. Titlesort descending Type
Mar 11, 2019 2010022977801r APPEALED: David B. Tysk Disciplinary Decision
Jun 25, 2018 SD-2183 David Girton Statutory Disqualification, Approvals
Jul 20, 2017 2012034936005 David Joseph Escarcega Disciplinary Decision
Jun 3, 2014 2010023724601 David Kristian Evansen Disciplinary Decision
Sep 1, 2000 C8A990017 David L. Foran Disciplinary Decision
Apr 5, 2018 SD-2150 David P. Brown Statutory Disqualification, Approvals
Sep 7, 2004 C3B020015 Davrey Financial Services, Inc. Disciplinary Decision
Dec 18, 2009 2006006192901 Denis William Kraemer, Jr. Disciplinary Decision
May 9, 2014 2010023349601 APPEALED: Denise M. Olson Disciplinary Decision
May 7, 2007 C04050014 Dennis P. Cooper Disciplinary Decision
Mar 20, 2002 CAF000033 Dennis Sturm Disciplinary Decision
Feb 15, 2013 2007010580702 Dennis Thomas Palmeri, Jr. Disciplinary Decision
Sep 6, 2005 C01040001 Department of Enforcement, Complainant, vs. Respondent Firm and Respondent Disciplinary Decision, Redacted Decision
Dec 17, 2014 SD-1802 Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. Statutory Disqualification
Aug 5, 2011 20070094468 Dirk Allen Taylor Disciplinary Decision
Aug 6, 1999 C8B970010 District Business Conduct Committee For District No. 8, Complainant, vs. Respondent 1 Disciplinary Decision, Redacted Decision
Oct 2, 2008 2005001819101 Domestic Securities Inc. Disciplinary Decision
Jan 13, 1999 C10970003 Donald Clyde Bozzi Disciplinary Decision
Nov 3, 1998 C05930020 Donald R. Gates Disciplinary Decision
Jan 20, 1998 C02960031 Donna R. Roach Disciplinary Decision
Jul 10, 2007 E9A2004001901 Douglas J. Toth Disciplinary Decision
Jul 27, 2007 E9A2004001901 Douglas J. Toth Disciplinary Decision
Jul 29, 1998 C10960162 Douglas John Mangan Disciplinary Decision
Dec 12, 2005 C07040077 Dulce Maria Salaverria Disciplinary Decision
Sep 14, 2012 2007007792902 Edward S. Brokaw Disciplinary Decision