Notice to Members 04-71

SEC Approves New Rules and Rule SEC Approves New Rules and Rule Amendments Concerning Supervision and Supervisory Controls

Effective Date: January 31, 2005

On June 17, 2004, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved rule changes (Supervisory Control Amendments) by NASD that both create and amend certain rules and interpretive materials to address a member's supervisory and supervisory control procedures.1 On September 30, 2004, the SEC granted accelerated approval to proposed rule changes to the Supervisory Control Amendments to conform certain parts of the new rule requirements to the New York Stock Exchange's (NYSE's) recently approved internal control amendments.

Questions concerning this Notice may be directed to Patricia Albrecht, Assistant General Counsel, Office of General Counsel, Regulatory Policy and Oversight, (202) 728-8026.