Notice to Members 07-14

Portfolio Margin Risk Disclosure Statement and Written Acknowledgement to be Furnished to Customers Using a Portfolio Margin Account

As announced in Notice to Members (NTM) 07-11 (February 2007), recent amendments to NASD Rule 2520 (Margin Requirements) permit members to margin certain products according to a prescribed portfolio margin methodology on a pilot basis. Related amendments to Rule 2860 (Options) require that a disclosure statement and written acknowledgement for use with the proposed portfolio margin program be furnished to customers using a portfolio margin account.1 This Notice sets forth the language required for the written disclosure statement and acknowledgment pursuant to Rule 2860(c).

Member firms participating in, or planning to participate in, the Portfolio Margin Risk pilot program should refer to Attachment A of this Notice for sample disclosure and acknowledgement statements.

Questions regarding this Notice may be directed to Susan M. DeMando, Associate Vice President, Financial Operations, Member Regulation, at (202) 728-8411; or Kathryn M. Moore, Assistant General Counsel, Office of General Counsel, at (202) 974-2974.