Regulatory Notice 15-48

SEC Approves Amendments to Publish OTC Equity Volume Executed Outside Alternative Trading Systems

Effective Date: April 2, 2016

Executive Summary

Pursuant to rule amendments that will become effective on April 2, 2016, FINRA will expand its alternative trading system (ATS) transparency initiative to publish the remaining equity volume executed over-the-counter (OTC) by FINRA member firms, including the trading activity of non-ATS electronic trading systems and internalized trades. Beginning on Monday, April 25, 2016, data as of April 4, 2016, will be available in accordance with the amendments—free of charge to all users—on FINRA’s website.

The amended rule text is set forth in Attachment A.

Questions concerning this Notice should be directed to:

  • Dave Chapman, Director, Market Regulation, at (240) 386-4995; or
  • Brendan Loonam, Director, Business Services, at (212) 858-4203; or
  • Lisa Horrigan, Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel, at (202) 728-8190.