Regulatory Notice 18-08

FINRA Requests Comment on Proposed New Rule Governing Outside Business Activities and Private Securities Transactions

Comment Period Expires: April 27, 2018


FINRA seeks comment on a proposed new rule to address the outside business activities of registered persons. The proposal is the result of FINRA’s recent retrospective review of FINRA’s rules governing outside business activities and private securities transactions, FINRA Rule 3270 (Outside Business Activities of Registered Persons) and FINRA Rule 3280 (Private Securities Transactions of an Associated Person), respectively. The proposed rule would replace FINRA Rules 3270 and 3280 and is intended to reduce unnecessary burdens while strengthening investor protections relating to outside activities.

The proposed rule text is available in Attachment A.

Questions regarding this Notice should be directed to:

  • James S. Wrona, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel (OGC), at (202) 728-8270; or
  • Meredith Cordisco, Associate General Counsel, OGC, at (202) 728-8018.
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