Special Notice – 7/30/18

FINRA Requests Comment on Financial Technology Innovation in the Broker-Dealer Industry

Comment Period Expires: October 12, 2018


New financial technology innovations, commonly known as “fintech,” can offer benefits for investors and the financial services industry, but can also present investor protection concerns where the safeguards of the securities laws are not respected. FINRA’s discussions with representatives of the fintech industry and our member firms through our Innovation Outreach Initiative have enabled us to better understand market participants’ interest in efforts among regulators to create an environment supportive of fintech innovations that benefit investors and the capital markets. Moreover, we have received several requests to solicit feedback from the broader public regarding how FINRA may support fintech innovation consistent with our mission of investor protection and market integrity. In response to these requests, we are seeking comments on how FINRA can support fintech development consistent with this mission. In addition, we request specific comment on certain fintech areas, including the provision of data aggregation services, supervisory processes concerning the use of artificial intelligence, and the development of a taxonomy-based machine-readable rulebook.

Questions regarding this Notice should be directed to:

  • Haimera Workie, Senior Director, Office of Emerging Regulatory Issues (ERI), at (202) 728-8097;
  • Kavita Jain, Director, ERI, at (202) 728-8128; or
  • Alex Khachaturian, Director, ERI, at (202) 728-8275.
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