Test Center Security Guidelines

Test center security is of the utmost importance when taking an examination at a test center facility. Test center staff, for the protection of the candidate, test developer, and test center staff alike, must strictly enforce security procedure and protocol.

Member firm candidates refusing to abide by a vendor's security procedure and/or protocol will be refused entry to the testing lab and a late cancel fee will be charged to the candidate's firm. TESS candidates will be denied entrance as well and their enrollment window will be forfeited.

Candidate Identification & Entry Requirements

Candidate Identification & Entry Requirements Prometric
Electronic Fingerprint or Palm Vein (a digital palm scan) No
Empty and turn pockets inside out Yes
Image capture Yes
Metal Detector Wand (For complete details, please review Prometric’s Metal Detector Wand Scanning and Prometric’s Test Center Regulations) Yes
One (1) photo and signature bearing valid, government-issued ID, please review the Prometric ID Policy Yes

Personal Items

  • Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited at test center.
  • Cellular phones, hand-held computers or other communication devices, electronic or otherwise, are strictly prohibited from being taken into a testing room or being used during restroom breaks.

Most personal items are required to be placed in the center-provided storage locker.  However, the following items are allowed in the testing room (some with restrictions):

Personal Items Prometric
Testing Vendor Links


Asthma inhaler Yes 
Cough drops Yes (must be unwrapped and not in a container)
Eye drops Yes
Eyeglasses and hearing aids Yes (subject to inspection)
Insulin pump (attached to a person's body) Yes (after inspection)


Candidates are encouraged to leave Jewelry and other valuables at home

Yes - ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings (subject to inspection)
Neck brace or collar (neck injuries) Yes (after inspection)
Nitroglycerin pills Yes
Other medical devices Yes (requires pre-authorization from FINRA)
Pillow (neck, back, injured limb support) Yes (after inspection)

Sweater, sweatshirt, blazer, suit jacket

Yes (must be worn by candidate - cannot be draped on chair)
Tissues Yes (center provided)
Word to word translation dictionary No (effective August 17, 2018)

Note:  Candidates requiring pre-authorization from FINRA to take medical devices into the testing room can contact FINRA Candidate Services (CS) at (800) 999-6647 Option 2.

Test-Center Provided Aids

Test-Center Provided Aids Prometric
Tissues Yes (center provided)
Writing Materials (for notes and calculations) Yes - whiteboard/dry erase pens